Remote working: How to work and manage teams (Webinar)

Working from home means still working and sometimes it is even more challenging than working from office.

This training will support Leaders on managing remote employee and answer frequently asked questions:

How to prepare employees to work remotely

How to keep employees engaged and performing high

How to manage situations when employees are lack of access to information

Problems of social isolation and etc.

Key Topics of the training:

  • New way of working remotely
  • Challenges we usually face
  • Working environment (table, distractions, technologies, etc.)
  • Planning of the day and result-orientation
  • Managerial skills (delegation, tasks distribution, decision making, virtual feedback, etc.)
  • Virtual meetings
  • Helping tips (dress code, “signs”, etc)
  • New skills you will get out of this experience
  • One thing I will immediately apply

Price per program: 375 AZN

Duration: 75 minutes

For registration please download and fil in Registration form.