Mtt Brand Ambassador

Become a Brand Ambassador of Mtt and gain free PHRi Exam preparation Course! Yet another chance to get PHRi Exan preparation course for free! All you need is follow requirements. Deadline for applications is 12 of May. Only 1 place available! Requirements:
  • At least 2 years of Experience in HR
  • Fluent in Russian, English and Azerbaijani
  • Higher education
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Creativity
  • Active and open Instagram and LinkedIn profiles
  • Number of connections: Linkedin – more than 1000, Instagram – more than 200
  • Prepare short term business plan on “What I will do as Brand Ambassador of Mtt” and send it to [email protected] till 12.05.2021
Job Description: ·  Post about our products/services online (e.g. social media and forums) ·  Create, share and respond to online reviews ·  Participate in trade shows as a spokesperson for Mtt ·  Network and build trusting relationships with potential customers ·  Thoroughly understand our products and services to inform potential customers ·  Use word-of-mouth marketing techniques, like referring Mtt to friends ·  Monitor online comments and respond or forward to the responsible person ·  Assist in organizing future events ·  Track customers’ preferences and suggest advertising and positioning ideas ·  Provide feedback to the related person regarding customers’ requests ·  Track and report on competitors’ marketing activities