Digital tools in Recruitment and Talent Attraction is an automated talent acquisition system that provides tools and workflows to conduct professional job interviews. We combine the power of on-demand and live video interviews, real-time skill assessments, workflows to conduct professional job interviews.

Our key features:

Video screening 

  • Interview scheduling and reminders
  • Panel interviews
  • Flexible question formats
  • Recording sharing and collaboration
  • Data-driven hiring decisions
  • Automated Transcription and much more…

Applicant tracking system

  • Easily compare candidates to make faster decisions
  • Know more about your candidates
  • Keep all interview data in one place
  • Measure your hiring success and improve

Advanced Job Board

  • Accept applications via mobile, web or Google Assistant
  • Customize look and feel
  • Advertise on 3rd party sites
  • Automate pre-screening

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